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Biol 1406: Biology I References

A View of Life Atoms and Molecules Organic Molecules Cellular Organization Biological Membranes Energy and Metabolism Cellular Respiration
Photosynthesis Mitosis and Meiosis Principles of Heredity Human Genetics DNA-Genetic Code RNA-Protein Synthesis Gene Expression
Genetic Engineering Evolution Population Genetics Speciation and Macroevolution Evolution of Primates Viruses General Biology

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A View of Life:

  1. What is "Good Science"? University of California, Berkeley
  2. Scientific Method and the Cell the Fundamental Unit of Life. University of Arizona
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Atoms and Molecules:

  1. A Question of Scale Bruce Bryson at WordWizz
  2. A Colorful and Easy to Use Periodic Table by Yinon Bentor
  3. Basic Chemistry Tutorial for Biology University of Arizona
  4. Types of Chemcial Reactions Roanoke Valley Governor's School
  5. The Particle Adventure - For a curious student Particle Data Group
  6. General Chemistry Online Fred Sense at Frostburg State University
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Organic Compounds:

  1. Biological Molecules Lab Tutorial North Harris College by RM Chute
  2. Virtual Cell Web Page -biochemical Coyle and Cassidy High School
  3. Large Molecules Problem Set University of Arizona
  4. Enantiomers Heriot-Watt University
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Cellular Organization:

  1. Virtural Cell Web Page Coyle and Cassidy High School
  2. Cell Tutorial from Cells Alive
  3. Cytoskeleton Tutorial University of Arizona
  4. Size Comparison: Virus, Bacteria, Red Blood Cell, Lymphocyte and Human Sperm Cells Alive
  5. Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes and Viruses University of Arizona
  6. Cell Biology Gwen V. Childs, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  7. Plant Cell Structure Koning, Ross E., Plant Physiology Website
  8. Cells and Cancer Kimball's Biology Pages
  9. Apoptosis(Cell death) Kimball's Biology Pages
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Biological Membranes:

  1. Brownian Motion Animation Michael Fowler at University of Virginia
  2. Animations on Diffusion and Osmosis Joseph Patlak at University of Vermont
  3. Diffusion, Dialysis and Osmosis Tutorial North Harris College
  4. Junctions between Cells Kimball's Biology Pages
  5. Plasma Membrane Biology Gwen V. Childs, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  6. Phagocytosis, Pinocytosis, Receptor- Mediated Endocytosis(LDL receptors) Kimball's Biology Pages
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Energy and Metabolism:

  1. Energy, Enzymes, and Catalysis Problem Set University of Arizona
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Cellular Respiration:

  1. Cellular Respiration Kimball's Biology Pages
  2. Questions with Tutorial - Excellent on Cellular Respiration University of Arizona
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Photosynthesis - Capturing Energy:

  1. Photosnthesis Problem Sets and Tutorials I. University of Arizona
  2. Photosynthesis Problem Set 2 University of Arizona
  3. Photosynthetic Pigments University of California, Berkeley
  4. What is Photosynthesis? Arizona State University
  5. Chemistry of Bioluminescence University of California Santa Barbara
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Chromosomes, Mitosis and Meiosis:

  1. Microscopic views of Mitosis North Harris College
  2. The Cell Cycle and Mitosis University of Arizona
  3. Determining time spent in different phases of the cell cycle University of Arizona
  4. Meiosis Tutorial University of Arizona
  5. Cell Division Tutorial (Photos of Stages) Jon C. Glase at Cornell University
  6. Regulation of the Cell Cycle Kimball's Biology Pages
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Basic Principles of Heredity:

  1. Glossary of Genetic Terms National Institutes of Health
  2. Mendelian Genetics - University of Arizona University of Arizona
  3. Introduction to Probability theory University of Arizona
  4. Mendelian Genetics Phillip McClean, North Dakota State University
  5. Genetics Practice Problems J. Stein Carter at Clermont College
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Human Genetics:

  1. Genes and Human Disease National Institutes of Health
  2. Gene Map of the Human Genome National Institutes of Health
  3. Human Genome Project Information
  4. Genetic Disorder Corner Genetic Science Learning Center
  5. Human Blood Typing and Genetics Problem Set University of Arizona
  6. Three Karyotypes to Evaluate and Diagnose University of Arizona
  7. Prenatal Testing, Pictures of Karyotypes University of Utah Health Sciences
  8. Photos of Human karyotypes University of Washington Pathology
  9. Photographs of Human Genetic Diseases Dr. Edward C. Klatt MD, Department of Pathology, University of Utah
  10. Online Genetics activities and Problems Genetic Science Learning Center
  11. "Dervish Disorder" challenge activity Genetic Science Learning Center
  12. Genetics and Rare Conditions University of Kansas Medical Center
  13. Mitochondrdial Control Region DNA Learning Center
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DNA-Genetic Code:

  1. DNA From the Beginning Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  2. Nucleic Acids Problem Set University of Arizona
  3. DNA sequence game Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California
  4. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 1993
    discovery of split genes.
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RNA-Protein Synthesis:

  1. Protein Kinesis: Getting Proteins to Their Destination Kimball's Biology Pages
  2. Outline of all the Protein Synthesis Steps. Terre Haute Center For Medical Education
  3. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 1999
    "proteins have intrinsic signals that govern their transport and localization in the cell."
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Control of Gene Expression:

  1. Gene Regulation and the Operon (Help with Extra Credit) North Harris College
  2. Coloning and Molecular Analysis of Genes Phillip McClean, North Dakota State University
  3. To Know Ourselves
  4. Eukaryotic Gene Expression Problem Set University of Arizona
  5. Lac Operator-repressor Regulation System. University of Arizona
  6. How early embryo's are formed Nobel Prize 1995
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Genetic Engineering:

  1. Blackett Family DNA Activity University of Arizona
  2. DNA Forensics Problem Set 1 (RFLP) University of Arizona
  3. DNA Forensic Problem Set 2 University of Arizona
  4. Recombinant DNA Technology Problem Set University of Arizona
  5. Split Genes - Nobel Prize Illustration
  6. DNA Fingerprinting Dr. R. E. Hurlbert Washington State University
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Evolution - Mechanisms and Evidence:

  1. Understanding EvolutionBerkeley Education
  2. Evolution from PBS
  3. Library of Many Evolution Sites and videos PBS
  4. Which Embryo is Human Exploratorium
  5. Evolution on the Web Robert P. Gendron at Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  6. Timeline of Evolutionary Thought University of California, Berkeley
  7. UCMP Web Lift for Geologic Time! University of California, Berkeley
  8. The World of Richard Dawkins
  9. Amber - A View of the Past Amberica West.
  10. Understanding Evolution University of California Museum of Paleontology
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Population Genetics:

  1. Hardy-Weinberg Problems North Harris College
  2. Various Hardy Weinberg Examples Judith Stanhope at Woodrow Wilson Biology Institute
  3. Population Genetics -- Hardy Weinberg University of Arizona
  4. Population and Evolutionary Genetics Phillip McClean, North Dakota State University
  5. From Pangea to Present VolcanoWorld
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Speciation and Macroevolution:

  1. Vertebrate Flight - An example of convergent evolution University of California, Berkeley
  2. UC Berkeley - Discovery of Sulawesi Coelacanths University of California, Berkeley
  3. Alfred Wegener. The Origins of Continents and Oceans University of California, Berkeley
  4. Dinosaures Where not Alone PBS - NOVA
  5. The Dinosauria: Truth is Stranger than Fiction University of California, Berkeley
  6. Web Site for Endangered Species Bagheera
  7. Humans and other Castastrophes American Museum of Natural History
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Primate Evolution:

  1. Becoming Human The Institute of Human Origins
  2. Human Evolution PBS
  3. The Long Foreground: Human Prehistory Department of History - Washington State University
  4. Prominent Hominid Fossils Talk Origins
  5. Human Prehistory D. I. Loizos
  6. Anthropololgy Tutorials Behavioral Sciences Department, Palomar College
  7. Lucy Institute of Human Orgins
  8. Primates and Apes Photography
  9. The Latest Neanderthals Scientific American
  10. Homo Erectus - A Comparison The Regents of The University of California
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  1. Herpes Virus Replication University of California, Irvine
  2. Virurs Utra Structure University of Cape Town
  3. Viruses and Bacteria Cells Alive
  4. Computer Visualizations of Viruses - Examples Robert M. Bock Laboratories UW-Madison
  5. HIV Infection -Check out the sites on the HIV diagram Cells Alive
  6. Mad Cow Disease and Prions Why Files
  7. Epidemic - The World of Infectious Diseases American Museum of Natural History.
  8. Nobel Prize on Prions Illustration
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General Biology Sites:

  1. Brain POP (share this with your children)
  2. SciCentral - Can lead you to many sources
  3. General Organic and Biochemistry James K. Hardy and Brooks/Cole Publishing Company
  4. Online Biology Book Maricopa Community College
  5. Excellent Source of Information on Cellular Biology Kimball's Biology Pages
  6. Science News Why Files
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  1. Biology HomePage
  2. Anatomy and Physiology II Links
  3. Microbiology Page
  4. Biology I Links Page
  5. Biology 2 Links Page
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